Monday, July 16, 2012


     On Sunday, the 15th of July, I spent a several hours on more deconstruction.  This old photo, depicting the overhead, belies the current state of affairs with this Westsail 32 - though not far off.  The veneered cabin sides have been removed, as have the ports (8 total)...I'm embarrassed to admit so little forward progress.  I have been somewhat distracted by the purchase of a new home; also, setting up the wood working shop; and finally, I purchased a '76 Cape Dory Typhoon (19) for day-sailing.  Oh, and school work too...did I mention a full-time job??  And most important, I have two beautiful little ones that are just so much fun to be with.

     Anyway, the project is slowly unfolding and I fully expect to develop a rhythm for work on this some point.  So the overhead has to go.  In addition to showing some water intrusion in the forward portion of the installation (it appears that the staysail track fasteners were allowing water below), as well as the need to bond the new structural bulkheads to the overhead (the original Westsail build manual suggests not bonding the bulkhead to the overhead), I do generally have plans for an improved look to the overhead.  The current overhead is comprised of 2" x 1/2" ash tongue and groove boards.  The boards are secured to the overhead with stainless steel screws that have been drilled for, countersunk, and bunged.  The bungs...this is making the work relatively slow and tedious.  The process is: attempt to drill out the bung, use utility knife to clean out the void, and then back the screw out.  It actually is not that bad; however, the fact that there are probably close to 1,000 fasteners and the work is above one's head...this makes it real fun!

     Here is what I am working with at present...