Saturday, October 13, 2012

1st Round Foredeck Fairing

     For Saturday, October 13th, I spent time fairing out the foredeck.  From the previous work session, I had applied thickened epoxy to the low spots and to the areas from which I removed loose gelcoat.  I first went to work by removing the amine blush that forms on the cured epoxy.  Working around the foredeck and starboard side deck, the day's windy conditions provide a dry surface by the time I completed the gentle scrub to remove the blush.  Next, I worked 80-grit paper by hand and board on the foredeck; getting in the tight places by hand, and then using the board for the open deck.

     Sanding is sanding, so I included no pictures.  However, feast your eyes on this Heather Neill piece, entitled "Red Sails"(oil on panel).  Enjoy...

Time today: 2.5 hours