Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tiller's 5th Coat of Varnish

     Sunday, February 17th,  taking a break from studies, I found an hour to apply the 5th coat of varnish to the newly crafted Westsail 32 tiller.  Like the previous coats, I followed the repetitive process for building up a suitable protective layer of varnish:  sand with 220 grit paper, wipe down with solvent, and then apply a coat of varnish (Epifanes Clear Gloss), thinned 10 to 15% with brushing thinner.

The 4th coat of varnish getting some sun prior to the sanding, below.

The tiller post-sanding, below.

...and after the 5th coat was applied, below.

Total Time: 1 hour