Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tiller's 6th Coat of Varnish

     Tuesday, March 5th, I took an hour out of a busy schedule to apply the tiller's 6th coat of varnish.  As always, I started with a light sanding , using 220 grit paper, of the cured 5th coat; wiped down the surface with a dry rag to remove as much dust as possible; and then lightly tacked off the surface with a solvent to remove and remaining residue and generally prepare the surface for its next coat of varnish.  The varnish used is Epifanes Clear High Gloss.

Pictured below, the tiller as it stood with the 5th coat ready to be lightly sanded.

The tiller after lightly sanding the 5th coat of varnish with 220 grit paper.

Finally, the 6th coat of varnish applied.

Total Time: 1 hour