Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back on The Bottom!

     Since finishing grad school, my free-time has opened up dramatically; however, I have since taken on a project fabricating new brightwork and painting a sailing dinghy (see my time on the W32 has been spare to none!  Well, I have determined to hold myself to at least some amount of time per day to establish the needed "momentum" to complete the build-out....and at least while the W32 is in my possession.  You see, I am at a bit of a cross-roads:  either keep and complete this W32, or....fulfill this nagging desire to own and sail a W42.  Only time will tell which path I follow...I have put a lot in this project thus far (time and money), so my decision needs to be made soon.

Anyway, sticking to the commitment I made to myself, and with daylight burning, I managed to get 1/2 an hour on the starboard bottom sanding.  

Using 80-grit PSA pads on the Porter-Cable 7335, 6" pad, I prepared half of the starboard side for its inevitable 120-grit pass.  With light fading fast, I wrapped things up with "at least some amount of time" spent on the project.  Cheers!

Total Time: .5 hours

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  1. hey Brian i saw your boat on ebay and am interested as i dont currently have an ebay account i thought i would contact you this way. Are there yards in your area that let you work on your own boat? thanks Chris